How to buy Vectorium Plus directly with fiat without using any cryptocurrency

Vectorium Plus can buy buy directly using Vectorium site.

Before buying Vectorium Plus, you need:

  • Copy you wallet address;

  • Login with your new account;
  • Click on Shopping Cart and then “Continue”

  • Now you can add to cart Vectorium Plus coins.

  • You have to write the Vectorium Plus address , upload a valid ID card, change the number of coins and then “Add to Cart”. You will not be able to buy Vectorium Plus using a fake or wrong ID card.

  • Now you have to click on Check out, check if yours address is correct and then “Continue”.

  • Set-up your payment method.

-Confirm order;

-When you ID card will be verified, you’ll be able to complete your order using a cryptocoins or bank transfer. Anything will be sent via e-mail.

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